About OenoViva

Wine tasting at a vineyard is an experience enjoyed by millions around the world. Understanding where the wine comes from and the history behind the winery and the winemaker provides a unique and authentic wining and dining experience.

This experience has flourished in recent years as consumers embrace the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the entire wine-making experience from grape to glass. However, with vineyards usually many kilometres from the city, busy consumers are limited in their options. OenoViva takes the cellar door experience and provides business owners with the where-with-all to replicate this in the city. By being closer to major populations, a greater percentage of people can experience the cellar door experience.

Oenoviva Urban Wineries can see faster returns on their investment than traditional wineries because they don’t have to lease or purchase land to establish a vineyard or wait five to 10 years to become productive. If weather ruins one crop in one country, OenoViva simply sources the grapes from another region.

Many urban wineries have been opened in cities across the world, however, none of them are using OenoViva Business Systems which includes the innovative method of snap freezing grapes. This means there are significantly higher margins for OenoViva Franchisees as the best quality grapes from around the world are provided without having to import them as finished wine.