Oenoviva Artisans

OeonViva Artisans Pty Ltd is the driving force of OenoViva’s wine production. The Artisans are the wine experts. They travel the globe in search of the finest grapes for OenoViva Urban Wineries. Each trip is a unique adventure, taking them to the most interesting appellations in the world to discover the best grapes to produce the finest wine. OenoViva Artisans ensures the quality of all supply.

Because Urban Wineries are not attached to a specific vineyard, OenoViva Artisans sources grapes and finished product from any vineyard around the world.

It will:

  • identify and buy high-quality grapes from world-famous wine-producing regions
  • process sourced grapes into juice for immediate wine production, or to process and snap freeze  rocessed juice for storage and later production
  • engage qualified winemakers to oversee the production and cellaring of wine, either at remote production facilities or at Urban Winery locations provide ongoing quality control and assume responsibility of product quality
  • bottle and label wine for retail sale and in bulk for wholesale distribution
  • store, transport and deliver wine to wholesale and retail sales locations

All snap frozen containers will be provided to the Urban Wineries by OenoViva Artisans based on rigorous assessment of individual vineyards and parcels of grapes. It will directly employ every one of the winemakers at every Urban Winery.

To learn more about OenoViva Artisans contact Andrew Garrett at