Wine Making Method

The ability to snap freeze newly picked grapes is at the core of the OenoViva Business System and constitutes novel and innovative IP. Grapes are sourced from the best regions around the world whether it is the Rhone Valley, Napa Valley or Barossa Valley. The grapes are harvested and processed to clarified white juice or must in the case of red grapes, then snap frozen in patented containers to preserve the flavor at its peak. Snap freezing is proven to preserve flavour and create spectacular vintages. The frozen grapes are shipped to any destination where they are then thawed.

Production begins as it would in any boutique winery although the emphasis on production is based

around minimal mechanization with hand crafting at the core. The wine is left to age in our barrel.

Each barrel is carefully monitored and specifically blended by our master OenoViva Artisan.

Limited production volumes ensure that the wines receive individual attention and elite status.

En Primeur – the key to success

The sale of juice/must or wine in the primary stages of production is based on the traditional French concept of “En Primeur” or “Wine Futures”. The result is integration of all traditional channel distribution costs. This results in a considerable increase in the profit margin, although varying from country to country.